Christian Kiefer (États-Unis)

Christian Kiefer
© Jessica Newham

Christian Kiefer is a poet and a novelist; he teaches in Sacramento, California. He is considered as one of the most promising new voices of contemporary American literature. He presents his second novel: Les Animaux,  after The Infinite Tides (not yet translated into French).

Les animaux

Editions Albin Michel
Janvier 2017
Traduit par Marina Boraso

Les animaux
Bill Reed is the head of an animal refuge for wounded wild animals in the north of Idaho. As he tries to forget his tumultuous past, he hopes to marry a local veterinarian and live a quiet life with her. But a childhood friend, recently released from prison, comes back, which puts paid to his dream as he is forced to confront his past and the crimes he committed when he was younger. Bill fights as hard as he can both to preserve the refuge he has built and to keep the dark moments of his past secret.

“Un très beau roman noir porté par une écriture lyrique, une mélancolie sourde et inoubliable.” TELERAMA