Colson Whitehead (États-Unis)

Colson Whitehead
© Madeline Whitehead

Colson Whitehead was born in New York City in 1969; he first became known in France with his novel The Intuitionist. He is the seventh American writer to have received the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award on the same year. The Underground Railroad was also chosen as the Best Novel of 2016 by the American press.

Underground Railroad

Editions Albin Michel
Août 2017
Traduit par Serge Chauvin


The Underground Railroad
Cora, abandoned by her mother when she was a child, is a slave on a cotton plantation in antebellum Georgia. When Caesar, another slave, asks her to run away with him, she accepts and tries to reach the free states of the North by embarking on an eventful odyssey. Tracked down by a slave catcher, she will do everything to win her freedom. The Underground Railroad, the famous network of secret routes for slaves on the run, is brought to life as a real underground railroad in this novel and this lends itself to examine, with a staggering originality and mastery, the sources and workings of racism.


“Dans l’Amérique post-Obama, Underground Railroad est un pavé de forte intensité. Dans le monde d'aujourd'hui, c'est un roman politique, porté par une haute idée des idées. Un envoûtement. Colson Whitehead est entré tout simplement dans la grande Histoire.” L’EXPRESS