David Chariandy (Canada)

David Chariandy
© Glen Lowry

David Chariandy grew up in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto. Today he lives in Vancouver where he teaches literature at Simon Fraser University. His first novel Soucougnant (2012) has turned him into of today’s most important Canadian writers.

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Septembre 2018
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In Scarborough, you drink beer near the river Rouge; you think about Aisha, the high school’s smartest girl; you get into fights with rival gangs. Or you hang out at Desirea’s, which is as a much a hairdressing salon as it is a night club. In this suburb of Toronto, Michael and Francis, two teenage brothers, live a life punctuated by police raids and the prevailing racism. They have never known their father and Ruth, their mother, works night and day to give them a chance. But the hopes of these three people get shattered when a shooting occurs on a summer day in 1991.