D.W. Wilson
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D.W. Wilson was born in 1985 in Canada. The Arrows of Joash (2015), his first novel was critically acclaimed and nominated for the Dylan Thomas Prize.

La souplesse des os

Editions de l’Olivier
13 septembre 2018
Traduites par Madeleine Nasalik

Once You Break a Knuckle
Canada, British Columbia, Kootenay Valley. In this secluded area, the roughness of seemingly decent people and nature often conceal some secret stories and inclinations that are never in the open. Some people carry out bad deeds: a swing is purposely tampered by two teenagers who cause a tragedy; a young man decides to not provide his best friend advance warning of a car driving up the road, some sons defy and confront their fathers in a literal way. D.W. Wilson’s universe is a world filled with taciturn people, in which good intentions are doomed and characters hurt each other without meaning to and without being honest with themselves about it.

« Ses personnages sont de bons agriculteurs robustes et parfois alcooliques, des officiers de la police locale, […] mais ils sont aussi tendres, perdus et douloureusement vulnérables : des romantiques, sous leurs cals, dans la même veine que les écrits de Scott Fitzgerald. » The Guardian

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