Emma Hooper (Canada)

Emma Hooper
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Emma Hooper was brought up in Canada, and studied literature and music in England where she currently lives. Now a musician, she plays in various bands whilst teaching at Bath University at the same time. Her first novel Etta and Otto (And Russel and James) was published in 2015.

Les chants du large

Editions Les Escales
octobre 2018
Traduit par Carole Hanna

Our Homesick Songs
Finn, his sister Cora and their parents live in Newfoundland, on a remote island in Canada. Through fog, wind and rain, eleven-year-old Finn keeps count of the fishing boats, which are fewer and fewer: there is no longer any fish to catch and as a result work is drying up. The island slowly loses its inhabitants and even his parents are forced to go all the way to Alberta every other month to find work. His sister ends up leaving for good. This is the last straw for Finn. With elks, lichen and wind for sole companions, he comes up with a plan to save both his family and his island.

« La prose nette et dépouillée d’Emma Hooper saisit à la perfection les sentiments de ses personnages et nous fait part, avec compassion et une certaine distance, de leurs joies et de leurs peines, de leurs désirs et de leurs pertes. » Chicago Tribune