Gabriel Tallent (États-Unis)

Gabriel Tallent
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Gabriel Tallent was born in 1987 in New Mexico and grew up in California. He took eight years to write My Absolute Darling, his first novel, which was immediately acclaimed by literary critics and is amongst the best-selling books in the United States.

My Absolute Darling

Editions Gallmeister
Mars 2018
Traduit par Laura Derajinski

The fourteen-year-old Turlte Galveston travels the land of California’s north coast with a rifle and a gun for sole companions. She grew up alone in a reclusive and unsafe family environment under the ruling of an abusive and charismatic father. She has no social life other than at school. She shelters from the outside world until she meets Jacob, a witty high-school student who is both intrigued and fascinated by her. Their budding friendship will prompt Turtle to break free from her father and to risk her freedom and her survival in an adventure from which there will be no return. My Absolute Darling narrates the struggle of a young girl to come into her own and save her soul.


« Voici un livre coup de poing qui va vous habiter pendant longtemps. » La Grande Librairie