Jonathan Dee (États-Unis)

Jonathan Dee
© Jessica Marx
Jonathan Dee was born in 1962 in New York City. He teaches creative writing at the Columbia University and writes for the New York Times Magazine and Harper’s Magazine. He was shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize for The Privileges (Scott Fitzgerald Prize) and then went on to write Palladio and A Thousand Pardons.

Ceux d'ici

Editions Plon
Janvier 2018
Traduit par Elisabeth Pellaert

(The Locals)

Howland, Massachusetts, is a haven of peace for New York holidaymakers. Mark runs a small local construction company in town. He is hired by Philip Hadi, a very wealthy New-Yorker who has set his mind on settling down in Howland. Fascinated by that man, Mark decides to go into real estate investing with his brother. When Hadi becomes the town’s mayor and starts using his wealth to call the shots, the gap between the New-Yorker and the “locals” grows ever wider.

Ceux d’ici est une fable morale, doublée d’un roman choral porté par une kyrielle de personnages, dont le ressentiment traduit un certain délitement démocratique, celui de notre époque, particulièrement aux Etats-Unis.” LIBERATION