Kevin Hardcastle (Canada)

Kevin Hardcastle
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Kevin Hardcastle is a young author who was born in Ontario. He studied creative writing in Toronto and in Cardiff and his short stories have been published in a number of reviews in Canada. In the Cage (Dans la cage) is his first novel.

Dans la cage

Albin Michel
Septembre 2018
Traduit par Janique Jouin

In the Cage
For a long time, Daniel was the undisputed mixed-martial arts free fighting champion until the day when a serious eye injury forced him to hang up his gloves. He then decided to settle down, got married to a nurse with whom he had a little girl and tried for a career in welding. Years fly by and the couple struggles to make ends meet. To try and save his family, Daniel becomes the henchman of a gangster he had met during his childhood. Soon appalled by the violence of this environment, he tries to escape by signing up to an official martial art free fight. But things will quickly turn sour.

« Un roman impeccablement conçu et méticuleusement réalisé, dont les personnages vous briseront le cœur. » John Irving