Laura Kasischke (États-Unis)

Laura Kasischke
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Known for her fiction and poems, Laura Kasischke, a recipient of numerous prizes, lives in Michigan. She teaches creating writing at university. Her poems and short stories are published in France by Page à Page. Eden Springs is her tenth novel to be translated into French.

Eden Springs

Editions Page à Page
Août 2018
Traduit par Céline Leroy

Spring 1903. A preacher tries to escape public outrage by setting up his congregation in Michigan. The charismatic Benjamin Purnell promises everlasting life to the members of his congregation, in particular to the pretty young girls. But how then can the death of a teenage girl found buried be explained? Based on a true story, the pages of Eden Springs include some historical photographs personally selected by Laura Kasischke.

« La fascination d’une auteure talentueuse du Midwest pour les émotions que font remonter à la surface de la vie de tels sujets permet de faire resurgir à la lumière cette secte, avant de marquer sa fin. » Chicago Tribune