Martín Solares (Mexique)

Martín Solares
© Mathieu Bourgois

Martín Solares was born in 1970 in Tampico. He has worked as a literary critic, teacher and publisher. He has been published in various journals and the Black Minutes, his first novel, immediately became a bestseller.

N’envoyez pas de fleurs

Christian Bourgois
Février 2017
Traduit par Christilla Vasserot

Don’t Send Flowers
Who has just kidnapped young Cristina, the daughter of a wealthy couple? Who was the fiancé who was with her? This is a trivial event in the region of La Eternidad, in the Gulf of Mexico. Carlos Trevio, a former policeman, is in charge of the investigation. Don Williams, the American Consul offers his help. In this ruthless, disillusioned and funny novel in the vein of the noir novel tradition, Martín Solares summons the witnesses in order to make them speak and lie.

« Plongée saisissante dans un pays gangrené par les narcos, N’envoyez pas de fleurs, roman noir très documenté, décrit sur un rythme haletant l’inexorable montée de la violence.» LE MONDE