Nancy Lee
© Kathleen Hinkel

Born in the United Kingdom to Chinese and Indian parents, Nancy Lee moved to Canada at a young age and she has lived there ever since. She teaches creative writing at the University of British Columbia. After publishing a critically-acclaimed collection of short stories Dead Girls, The Age is her debut novel.

The Age

Editions Buchet-Chastel
Mars 2016
Traduit par Sarah Gurcel

1984, in the midst of the Cold War. Young Gerry is searching for her identity. Her mother is remarried to an odd character and the teenager tries to get over her father leaving by getting closer to her paternal grandfather, a former TV newscaster who is a bit eccentric. As the nuclear threat increases, Gerry joins a charismatic group of activists. Violent actions are planned to take place in a peaceful demonstration. Between post-apocalyptic delusions and reality, tension mounts and this brings Gerry close to a tipping point where she could plunge into any situation, including the most frightening ones.

« C’est un roman audacieux, ambitieux et original, dont l’atmosphère perdure encore longtemps après que le récit s’est achevé. » The Globe and Mail