Omar El Akkad (Canada)

Omar El Akkad
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Omar El Akkad was born in Egypt. He is a journalist at the Globe and Mail and has won the National Newspaper Award for Investigative Reporting for his documentary on a terrorist plot that took place in 2006. He now lives in a forest south of Portland. American War is his first novel.

American War

Editions Flammarion
Août 2017
Traduit par Laurent Barucq

A new war has broken out in the United States and it sets the North against the insurgent Southern States over the use of fossil fuels. Sarah Chestnut is six years old when her father is killed. She leaves Mississippi and has to go and meet her family in a refugee camp. As she goes through ordeals and suffers from unfairness, Sarah, a curious and lively little girl, becomes a ruthless machine of war under the influence of a man who takes her under his wing. American War echoes the fratricide struggles that tear the world apart and destroy hope and humanity along the way.

“Le double tour de force du roman : une galerie de personnages profondément humains, faillibles et bouleversants, et le sentiment d’un futur pas si éloigné de celui qui pourrait s’annoncer au regard du paysage politique, écologique et humain qui s’affiche tous les jours sur nos écrans.” PAGE