Richard Russo (États-Unis)

Richard Russo
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Richard Russo was born in 1949 in the United States. After teaching literature at university, he dedicated himself to writing. He is the author of Empire Falls (2002) for which he won the Pulitzer Prize that same year. Two of his novels were adapted into movies: Nobody's Fool (1994) and Empire Falls (2005).


A malin, malin et demi

Quai Voltaire
Août 2017
Traduit par Jean Esch

Everybody's Fool
Douglas Rayner is the Chief of the Police of North Bath, the New Jersey former manufacturing city, still recovering from the economic crisis. He is bald, prone to putting on weight and a widower of a woman who was about to leave him. Since the accidental death of Becka, this policeman has been in the dark and has endured a life barely brightened up by the presence of his personal assistant, young Charice. Within forty eight hours of a scorching summer during which, amongst various events, Douglas Ray faints in a grave, a building in the city centre mysteriously collapses and a cobra escapes from an illegal snake farm and the entire city is turned upside down.

« Un défi littéraire parfaitement maîtrisé, car A malin, malin et demi est un roman d’une grande drôlerie affectueuse, porté par des dialogues superbes, un grand sens du rythme et un pessimisme de haut vol. » Télérama