Yaa Gyasi (États-Unis)

Yaa Gyasi
© Michael Lionstar

Yaa Gyasi, who is twenty-seven years old, was born in Ghana before she moved to the United States at the age of two. She holds a degree from the University of Iowa. A trip to Ghana triggered her desire to write Homegoing

No Home

Editions Calmann-Lévy
Août 2017
Traduit par Anne Damour

Eighteenth century, the height of the slave trade. Effia and Esi were born of the same mother in two rival villages of Ghana. The gorgeous Effia is married against her will to a Briton who is the captain of the Fort of Cape Coast, a jail in which some prisoners who will be sent to America as slaves are held captive. She isn’t aware that her sister Esi is one of these poor souls. From the cotton fields to Harlem, Esi’s children and grandchildren will be relentlessly judged for the colour of their skin. Effia’s descendants, mixed-raced and well-educated, will have to carry on the triangular slave trade that goes on in the family and then survive in a country wounded for generations to come.

« Retracer trois siècles en 400 pages : le pari était risqué et l’on pouvait craindre un roman didactique ou désincarné. Mais non : Gyasi réussit ce tour de force, grâce à un savant dosage de politique et d’intime, d’histoire et de magie, d’images au fort pouvoir d’évocation. » LE MONDE